Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators

Intelligent Evaporation

„Intelligent Distillation“ proofs the difference in separation of samples, in evaporation of solvents and that quality is no coincidence.

The rotary evaporators of our Hei-VAP series create new milestones within vacuum evaporation - a well-designed concept, unmatched tightness and uncompromising high quality.

The new seal system, speed-regulated vacuum pumps as well as the new generation of high performance condensers ensure the highest solvent recovery, increase the lifetime of rotary evaporator and vacuum pump and reduces residue in the ambient atmosphere. At the same time, you save up to 90 % of energy costs.

In short: Whatever you expect a rotary evaporator to be; the Hei-VAP series will fulfill these needs.

A variety of additionally options makes the Heidolph rotary evaporator the best solution for your individual requirements. You reach up to 40 % higher evaporation rates with our new XL condensers and achieve purest results through our innovative seal system, which enables a stable evaporation process and therefore overcomes any pharmaceutical or chemical challenge.

Convince yourself from the quality, performance and reliability of our rotary evaporators, which we exclusively develop and manufacture in Germany only.

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Hei-VAP Modelle

Superior ease of use due to direct control

The Hei-VAP Value rotary evaporators with hand lift are optimally suited for all standard applications.

Superior ease of use due to direct control and digital display

The Hei-VAP Value Digital rotary evaporators with hand lift are optimally suited for all standard applications with a digital display for set and actual heating bath temperature.

Wide range of possibilities for reproducible results

With the Hei-VAP Advantage you have a direct view on all parameter settings and are able to your application range.

Maximum capabilities due to integrated vacuum control

The Hei-VAP Precision provides you with the maximum range of parameters, including but not limited to, reproducible applications and fully automated processes. Even solutions with different boiling points can be identified and distilled.

Hei-VAP Key Facts

Lift Hand lift / Motor lift
Rotation Speed 10 - 280 rpm
Temp. range heating bath 20 - 210 °C
Temperature accuracy bath electronic / digital / ±1 K
Heating capacity 1,300 W
Overheat protection bath cut-off at 5 °C over set temperature
Volume heating bath 4.5 l
Max. evaporating flask size 5 l
Display depending on the model
Integrated vacuum control only Precision models
Timer depending on the model
Programs for process control only Precision models
Supply power 1,400 W
Protection class IP 20
Condensing surface 1,400 cm²
Condensing surface XL condenser 2,200 cm²
Please find the detailed technical data here.

Hei-VAP Product Advantages

  • New, FDA-compliant, transparent and uv-resistant tubing, with higher chemical resistance
  • Achieve up to 40 % higher evaporation rates due to tightness and industry-leading 2,200 cm² condensing surface with the XL condenser
  • The new highly resistant vacuum seals allow for long lasting constant application and reduce spare parts budgets
  • Superior ease of use due to the patented Easy-Clip, which provides an easy removal of sticking flasks and non-sticking vapor tube with patented clamping sleeve that eliminates broken glass and reduces spare parts cost significantly
  • 210 °C Safety heating bath with handles and pour spout will power off if temperature overshoots by 5 °C or runs dry
  • Bath power cable coupling complies with protection class IP 67 to prevent corrosion and short circuits
  • A metal support between the heating bath and the base unit prevents bath instability
  • The detachable operating panel enables safe and convenience handling from outside closed fume hoods
  • The innovative ventilation and replenishment valves no longer have ground joints, this enables maximum tightness and grease-free operation

Hei-VAP Accessories & AddOns

Safety first!

Discover the wide range of accessories for our Hei-VAP series and additionally protect yourself - for example with a guard hood for your rotary evaporator.

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Highest Perfomance

Complete your Hei-VAP rotary evaporator system with perfectly matched circulating chillers and vacuum pumps to achieve best possible results.

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